Picture Association
We're glad to have you visit our website. Before you click, we want to say a few words to you.

For Photographers
For photographers, it is possible to Sedcart's model of access and contact with them.

For Models
We are looking for you, the club afv-picture created your free Sedcard on the club website. You can without much effort your data and photos to us and we will publish it.
Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary or from where ever you are, we are pleased to create you a can!

What does a photo shoot with us?
We operate as a pure photography hobby and have a photo club, the non-profit work. Therefore, the photo shoots free of charge! You also get this a lot more photos than a regular photographer, you need to pay expensive, usually is.
Therefore, we would like but the photos from the photo shoot partially published on our homepage! Of course, only with your consent!

Who is the photo shoot here?
In our photo shoots are just you and the photographers present. These are two photographers, one of the other digital and analogue photographs. This has the advantage that you get both. Analog and digital images. And it is the case, the digital recordings, you can take immediately. The analog images are available shortly thereafter in a Kodak-quality preparation.
There is always the possibility of a person you trust to bring photo shoot. Experience has shown, however, if only the photographer and the model work, a lot ungezwungenere atmosphere and the effect is of course enormously to the quality of the images.

Timing and locations:
A photo shoot takes so three to four hours. This time is simply needed a good result to ensure (arrival and departure are not included!).
The photo shoot will take place in Vienna, in principle, in our studio instead. If outdoor is desired, it would in a previous conversation with any visit to the location to be clarified.

You as a model for a club shooting
We are always looking for models to sign up for a club shooting (Akt) is available. There are 3-5 photographers present and the duration is about 3 -4 hours with breaks. All you need is a good mood and bring your utensils. The fee depends on you and you learn more by e-mail from us!

Below is a form because you can insert your data they will then afv-picture skilfully. Using data since then as soon as possible your Sedcard created. Info: Please fill in all fields to generate an accurate description of you to receive! It is also possible photos to us (up to 20 photographs) and we will send them as soon as possible your Sedcard add!